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Return Policy

Our goal at Rollofilm LLC Professional Photography & Video Services is your complete satisfaction with your purchase.

If Photographer cannot perform the Photo Shoot in whole or in part due to a fire or other casualty, acts of God or nature or terror, or other cause beyond the control of the parties or due to Photographer's illness or injury, then Photographer will return all fees to the Client(s) but shall have no further liability with respect to this Agreement. This limitation on liability shall also apply in the event that photographic materials are damaged in processing, lost through camera malfunction, lost in the mail, or otherwise lost or damaged without fault on the part of Photographer. Client(s) agree that an entire photo shoot cannot be replicated, reenacted or repeated for the purpose of a

re-shoot and limits Photographer's liability to the amount paid under this contract.

In the case of camera failure, inclement weather, or any other unforeseen incident that prevents Rollofilm LLC. from shooting on a scheduled date the client will get a full refund of their deposit if applicable. No refund will be given under any circumstances if you fail to attend the activity on the day and at the time listed, when the booking was made.

Client may reschedule at no extra cost to a later time or date if Rollofilm LLC. is available.

Client is responsible for payment of all expenses incurred during the commision up to the time of cancellation, plus 50% of the service fee. If notice of cancellation is given less than two days before shoot date, Client will be charged 100% of the service fee. Photographer shall be indemnified against any claims stemming from cancellations at any time due to his health.

Rollofilm LLC. shall reserve the date and time agreed upon, and not make any other reservations or accept any other clients for said date and time. For this reason,in the event that Client cancels the Photo Shoot for any reason, all monies paid shall be retained by Rollofilm LLC. in order to offset its loss of business.


Due to the nature of digital photography and the fact that photographs, once sent, cannot be returned; Rollofilm LLC. has a strict NO REFUNDS POLICY. Once a transaction has been completed (i,e., the buyer selected and paid for the photo and then Rollofilm LLC. sent the buyer the correct photograph, it is then considered non-refundable. If a buyer has selected and purchase an incorrect photo, he/she must notify Rollofilm LLC., before receiving the "incorrect" photograph. Refunds will NOT be given due to "not liking a photo", selecting an incorrect photo after the buyer has already received the photograph, or any other reason, If a mistaken photo is sent to the buyer, as documented on the invoice, Rollofilm LLC. will send the correct photo to the buyer free of charge.


Any questions regarding this Policy, please call (786)445.9026


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